Federalni radio (Opened Studio): On the European Parliament Election

Federalni radio, May 2019.

Rasim Ibrahimagić, coordinator of the Initiative for Monitoring the European Integration of BiH, was guest on the radio show Open Studio. The main topic was elections for the European Parliament which were held 23.-26. of May. In his opinion, the number of right-wing seats in the European Parliament will increase in these elections, but that will not be enough to make them those who can determine concrete policies. The European Parliament is not the highest decision-making body, even though it is the only one elected by citizens of the European Union, but it has its own control mechanisms in relation to the European Commission. Dynamics of the accession processes depend on Bosnia and Herzegovina, so the elections themselves will not have any major impact on Bosnia and Herzegovina in the context of the EU integration.

The original text in B/C/S language can be found on the following LINK.