Media Transparency Ownership

January, 2019

Author: Rea Adilagić

Impartial reporting in the public interest is one of the basic obligations of all media, including BiH media. As such – free media, based on the principles of fair and accurate reporting, are one of the pillars of democracy. If there is no free media, there is no democracy. But if the media is biased, if they report unethical, who is responsible?

According to one owner of an online media, you can become an owner of an online portal for 200 BAM. There is no prerequisite for you to be a journalist by profession or at least have some experience in journalism. The precondition is not even related to you being politically engaged, and especially not revealing identity – in the impressum on the portal. If you have 200 BAM and an average Internet education you have fulfilled all the necessary conditions. In doing so, you have opened yourself, anonymously to the public, a door for earning money through advertisements, and to have a full impact on the (non) objective and (not) biased content of your new media.

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