Students from Germany briefed on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s EU integration process

As part of the academic exchange programme between the University of Leipzig (Germany) and the University of Sarajevo, students from the University of Leipzig visited Sarajevo Open Centre. Through a two-hour lecture and Q&A session with Alen Gudalo, Programme Coordinator of the Initiative for Monitoring the EU integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the students had the opportunity to gain information about the mission of the Initiative, its structure, and the challenges faced by the civil sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They also received information about laws that threaten the work of this sector.

Additionally, through an interactive lecture, the students received information about key events and agreements that have marked the development of relations between the European Union and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The impact of geopolitical changes in Europe was particularly emphasized.

In the final part of the lecture, the students gained knowledge about the 14 key priorities from the European Commission’s Opinion on Bosnia and Herzegovina, the problems following the process of adopting legislation relevant for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s EU path, and the coordination mechanism along with its shortcomings.