Without a Line of Responsibility: No State for Marginalized!

ohr_konjevi_polje_djeca_anadolija_mainWritten by: Nedim Jahić
Sarajevo, December 2015.

In the process of EU integration progress, where the public is currently focused on the tasks that derive from the Reform Agenda, it can be concluded that the authorities deliberately lose sight of and mention the political criteria very rarely, same as all the other problems they have, as something that Bosnia and Herzegovina as a country should do, change and make different, so it can be an acceptable candidate for the EU membership.

Respect for human rights, minorities’ rights and fighting discrimination, are the topics that are completely stepped off the radar in these processes, even though their presence was quite limited earlier, and were connected narrowly to the issues of constitutional changes and the implementation of the Judgement by the European Court for Human Rights in the case of Sejdić and Finci vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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