Radio Free Europe: On Europe’s Doorstep 20.8.2017.

Inela Hadžić (coordinator of the Initiative for the Monitoring of European Integration of BiH) and Tijana Cvjetićanin (editor of Alternative Answers) presented Alternative Answers of Civil Society Organizations to the European Commission Questionnaire on the radio show On Europe’s Doorstep on Radio Free Europe. They stated that the alternative answers can serve as an example to the government that it is possible to give timely answers to the EU Questionnaire. Civil society organizations want to give their own perspective and information they have in certain areas such as human rights, rule of law, and protection of minorities, they stated.

You can find the radio show’s episode on the following LINK.

Radio Free Europe’s radio show On Europe’s Doorstep covers news, analysis, coverage and other content related to the process of the integration of BiH to the EU and NATO.