Judicial Independence of Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

This article covers the topic of judicial independence of Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and analyses existing structure of the court. Author focuses especially on Appellate Division within the court and ask if its current organisation is aligned with international standards for a right to appeal.

Duration of Judicial Proceeding in Anti-Discrimination Cases

In this article author covers the topic of a duration of anti-discrimination cases in courts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, compares them with other cases, offers examples of some past anti-discrimination cases and explains the principle of urgency and its effect on anti-discrimination cases.

Public Administration Reform

Author: Branislava Petković, student, University of East Sarajevo – Faculty of Law In this article author analyses organization of public administration, its planned reform and offers comparative analysis of different administrative mechanisms implemented in neighboring countries. Text can be found on B/C/S language on the following link. Views in this text are author’s only and are … Continued

Youth Policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Author analyses legal frame that covers youth policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as existing action plans. Text offers comparative display on some of the strategies in countries of EU and identifies aspects that have to be improved in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Original text can be found on B/C/S language on the following link.

Women’s Rights and Their Under-representation on All Government Levels

This article covers question of women’s rights and their downright under-representation on all levels of government, particularly manifested in latest local elections in 2016. Author identifies factors such as role of media, leadership of parties and role of established women politicians as some of keys for solving this problem.

Health Care in BiH

In this text author analyses health care system in Bosnia and Herzegovina and covers the topic of administrative and political obstacles on a road to better health care as well as low level of knowledge between general population about their rights concerning health care.