Drafting of the Alternative Report for BiH 2016 in progress

10985305_788419814611626_4869364096270016049_nThe Initiative for monitoring the European integration of BiH started drafting the Alternative Report for BiH 2016. The Alternative Report for BiH 2016 is a report that aims to preset the current situation when it comes to European integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the perspective of civil society present.

Bearing in mind that the official Report for BiH, published by the European Commission, is a political statement, we believe that publication of the Alternative report can affect its content. That is why the Alternative report is published a few months before the publication of the official Report, hoping that this will have an impact on the formulation of the official Report.

The Alternative Report for BiH 2016 will focus on the issues of:

  • Democracy and functionality of the state,
  • Rule of law and corruption,
  • Human rights and protection of minorities,
  • Media and freedom of expression,
  • Transitional justice and
  • on certain economic and social issues.

Member organisations of the Initiative for monitoring the European integration of BiH are those who work on drafting the Alternative Report for BiH 2016, each one in the field in which they are specialized. Alternative reports and comparative analyzes with the official Report published so far, can be found on our website in the section Publications.

If you want to contribute to certain areas that the report will include, you can send your suggestions to [email protected].