Večernji list: Although More Than 1000 Civil Servants Worked on Providing Answers, Some of Them Are Left Incomplete

Text published in newspaper Večernji list, March 2019.

After delivering incomplete answers to the follow-up questions, the Initiative for Monitoring the European Integration of BiH called upon the authorities to provide an explanation for not answering a group of questions. They reminded the public on five-month delay and issued a warning that over 20 questions were answered with: “We are not able to provide an answer to this question due to lack of comprehensive information”. Among these questions is the one from political criteria regarding the implementation of thirteen (13) verdicts of the Constitutional Court of BiH, but also a great number of questions from Chapter 22 Regional Politics and Coordination of Structural Instruments, as well as Chapter 26 Education and Culture. It is troubling that the coordination mechanism failed to provide answers to the most simple questions in the field of education such as jurisdiction and roles of certain ministries on different levels, information on activities of the Agency for Preschool, Elementary and Secondary Education, how often has the Conference of Ministers of Education in BiH met, what are the responsibilities and jurisdiction of pedagogical institutes etc.

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