Regulating the Financing of Civil Society Organisations from Public Budgets in FBiH

The complex administrative structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina makes it impossible to fully comprehend the overall situation in any field, including civil society or, more specifically, associations and foundations. The exact number of registered associations and foundations is impossible to estimate because they can be founded at different administrative levels and entered in separate registers … Continued

Models for the Constitutional Reform and the Reform of Election law in Line with the Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights

Finding solutions for the electoral system reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) presents a key milestone for the future of BiH and a shift from the post-war society phase into a transitional democracy, within the context of greater integrative processes. Changing the current electoral system would change the existing paradigm of responsibility exclusively within the … Continued

Recommendations for Improving the Law on Conflict of Interest BiH

Author: Ivana Korajlić Editor: Dajana Bakić Publisher: Sarajevo Open Centre ( on behalf of the Initiative for Monitoring the EU Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina ( Publication in English language available here. Publication in BCS language available here.

Relations Between BiH and the EU: How to Achieve the Complete Respect of Human Rights of Migrants and Asylum-seekers

We are witnesses of the alarming trend of human rights violations of irregular migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees in all parts of Europe which unfortunately also includes BiH. Irregular migrations do not constitute a criminal act and, consequently, irregular migrants enjoy certain rights and freedoms. One of the rights is the right to express the need … Continued

Internal Procedures for Protection Against Discrimination – Difference Between Theory and Practice

February, 2019 Numerous international agreements which Bosnia and Herzegovina has signed, as well as the BiH constitutution, guarantee the prohibition of various forms of discrimination. The rights stipulated by international documents and constitutional provisions have been transposed into legal provisions through the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination, but also on the Gender Equality Law … Continued

The Appliance of the BiH Institutions’ Labor Law to Associations and Foundations

February 2019 The appliance of the BiH Institutions’ Labor Law to Associations and Foundations, author Leila Bičakčić BiH Institutions’ Labor Law regulates the employment status of association and foundation’s employees, but the Law is not explicit about whether the Law is applied only to the associations and foundations founded by the government of BiH and … Continued

Report on the Fulfillment of the December Demands 2014-2018

At the end of the mandate period in 2018 it is possible to get a clear idea of how much has been done for the past four years in the field of functioning of the state, the rule of law, as well as the human rights situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Women, Work and Employment in the EU Legislation

This publication was created with the cooperation of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Banja Luka and Sarajevo Open Center on behalf of Initiative for Monitoring of the European Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina.